Academic research

Young Muslim Women’s experiences

I am examining racial violence in the context of the War on Terror. I propose a theory of a new biopolitical subject, besieged life, and a new iteration of sovereign power, vigilante power.

In order to develop these theories, I used my faith and my skills as a researcher to

  • Design an innovative theoretical approach that brought together sociological and Islamic concepts of the human and identity formation.
  • Set up the Young Muslim Women’s Leadership Program for youth (12-18) following the philosophical tradition of youth participatory action research.
  • Conduct an ethnographic inquiry with this youth program as the research site.
  • Conduct 132 interviews and focus group discussion over 2 years with over 70 participants at 3 different research sites.


I am regularly invited to participate and to chair local and national discussions on various subject related to Islamophobia, with an emphasise on the hijab.

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